Our experienced consultants will help guide you through the complex nuances of mobile technology, to make your vision a reality.


    First, our consultants will help you understand the raw functionality of mobile devices and the benefits derived from a targeted, feature-rich native application. We will also review the AMP™ platform, and illustrate the benefits of using a Mobile PaaS model. We are happy to discuss your objectives and vision, and can readily offer feedback and recommendations to make your idea an app blueprint!
  • 2) DESIGN

    Custom application design is not just the selection of graphics and colors. Mobile device UI and UX design present some challenges, but also a huge opportunity for engagement and functionality. In our design sessions, together we conduct a situational analysis and formulate the entire user experience. If the AMP platform needs to be augmented for your needs, we’ll develop as necessary.

    After the mobile app architecture is established, we create a comprehensive project plan, providing you with complete visibility into project costs and scheduled milestones. AVAI Mobile’s Agile Development method is based on adaptive planning and iterations, where solutions progress through frequent communication between internal teams, encouraging flexible response and quick turnaround.

    After an app build is completed, we perform a series of tests to ensure all project objectives are met and each feature is functioning appropriately. We then hand off the app build for your staff to administer custom graphics and content within the AMP platform. You will have the ability to input / organize content and preview the app before it is published in the app store.
  • 5) RELEASE

    When the app build is finalized, AVAI Mobile manages the app store submission process, as well as any necessary app updates or re-submissions. Once your app is located in the app store(s), our project managers and creative staff can offer advice to help you properly promote your new mobile app, making your project a success.

    Immediately, when your app is available in the app store, we begin monitoring and tracking user activity parallel with your app objectives. This provides you with the ability to test, learn, and scale accordingly. We also continuously inspect app performance using proactive technology that simultaneously monitors app health across platforms, sensing bugs, crashes or any other issues that could harm your user experience.

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