London Zoo

This app is the perfect guide for your day at the zoo!

It can also be used as a pocket animal encyclopedia with amazing animal facts, images and videos.  Before you get to the Zoo use the app to buy tickets, get directions and plan your visit. Once here you can use the “What’s on” section to find out about daily animal talks and events. A GPS enabled interactive map shows you where you are in the Zoo, what animals and facilities are near you, and even the route you are walking.  Now you can experience ZSL London Zoo in a whole new way. 

Key features:

  • Animal facts, photos and videos
  • GPS enabled interactive Zoo map showing where you are and what is near you
  • “What’s on” planner showing all daily animal events around the Zoo
  • Visitor information – planning your visit
  • Use the friend finder feature to locate your friends around the Zoo

“The results achieved from our mobile solution have been increased awareness of the zoo and conservation education among our target demographic of mobile phone users. We’ve had an incredible number of downloads of the application. This high level of interest prompted Apple to advertise our application as a profile app in the iTunes application. It has been an extremely successful marketing tool that has greatly enhanced the experience of our guests visiting the park and has driven additional revenue through increased attendance and food and gift shop sales.”-Daniel Sprawson-Website Manager